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aiGENE is proud to announce our partnership with the Department of the Air Force Material Command’s competitive awards-based Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

The Air Force has committed to fund aiGENE’s project entitled “A Point-of-Care monitoring tool to rapidly evaluate cancer treatment effectiveness in AF patients”

  • This partnership will enable aiGENE to explore the potential of Therascape™ to rapidly determine if a cancer therapy is working and thus advance monitoring of cancer. Dr. Taub, the Principle Investigator on the award notes: “While “Personalized Medicine” has increased the odds of that a therapy will work by more accurate prediction of effectiveness, TheraScape will allow “Individualized Medicine™” by measuring if the therapy best choice therapy is working in the patient.” This information will improve survival, while the financial and medical burden of ineffective and counterproductive therapies.

  • The Air Force “accelerates agile and affordable capability transitions by teaming innovative technology developers with Airman and Guardian talent” aiGENE has been selected by AF as such an innovative technology developer. Will Mitchell of aiGENE notes “We are exceptionally grateful to the DoD and the Air Force for the prompt and active collaboration that has developed in the two weeks since the award was made. We believe the collaboration will result in success in this Phase I project and the prompt execution of a Phase II project.”

  • For media information contact Will Mitchell at: williammitchell@a-i-gene.com

  • aiGENE is an early-stage biotechnology company enhancing and commercializing an electrode based, glucose meter type test, to evaluate changes in the amount of cancer DNA in the blood, within weeks of initiating therapy. The resulting TheraScape product will provide oncologists, patients and families, with rapid feedback to enhance well-being when therapy is being successful, and enables patients to switch to therapy individualized for them. TheraScape will provide this feedback in 3-6 weeks while alternative methods often take 3-6 months.

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